More than 30 IT profiles designed to complement your teams


Structure your dedicated teams in less than four weeks and start your IT projects


Hire developers in less than ten days, improve the productivity of your business


More than 5,000 resumes processed and evaluated by our recruiting team

At NetLat, we combine our tech capabilities and Latinamerican Market Knowledge to create the best Tech Teams.

You will be able to expand your technological capacity by having the Best Quality Nearshore development and testing teams available in the same time zone and at low cost.

In order to provide integral deliverables, we leverage our alliances to provide high quality services


Talent Discovery

Our experience with talent attraction and vetting processes ensures we are always recruiting market’s top talent.



After the rigorous evaluation and profiling process, our talent is placed in the most appropriate role.


Job Assignment

Once our talent is selected, they are matched with our client’s needs and assigned their roles within their teams.

Be Happy

We provide comprehensive benefits to our skilled workforce, this ensures a healthy work-life balance to drive job satisfaction that translates into high quality results for our client.

At NetLat, we believe in partnering closely with our clients is the only way to fulfill their goals and have a real impact to their business

Modern Solutions

Modernize your software to future solutions

We have expert teams that can help create the best digital transformation strategy fully aligned with AWS cloud best practices to ensure your business’ cloud journey. Your business can spend less time on infrastructure and more time on innovation by operating with AWS Cloud Native solutions.

Solve your software needs with specialized cloud native containers and services designed to make your business easier and more adaptable, through scalable solutions and paying only for what you get.

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